Inventory Specialist OKCarz Lakeland

Lakeland, FL

Inventory Tracking and Distribution Specialist Job Description

Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm

  • Responsible for tracking and distribution of all OKCarz inventory
  • Monthly physical company inventory audit
  • Assigning stock numbers to new inventory
  • Matching keys and creating key tags for new inventory together with help from buyers
  • Receiving all new, traded and repossessed inventory into AutoStar DMS and ReconVelocity
  • “Publish to Web” every unit in DMS for inventory feed between HomeNet, Car Data and website provider
  • Conducting Condition Reports on every individual unit to determine reconditioning needs
  • Documenting purchasing source (auction, etc), ACV, VIN and mileage into service ticket or ReconVelocity
  • Adding detailed reconditioning costs to AutoStar DMS
  • Daily delivery of purchased inventory wholesale orders to A/P @ Lakeland Chrysler for immediate CDK input and payment to auctions, wholesalers, etc.
  • Review OKCarz dealerships inventory to determine distribution needs
  • Daily Inventory assignment to Okcarz dealerships
  • Arranges transport of assigned inventory to OKCarz stores
  • Maintaining smooth inventory flow throughout the different departments
  • Daily assignment of inventory to Detailers
  • Transferring or wholesaling (ACDJ) inventory to OKCarz stores in DMS and ReconVelocity
  • Open and closes all Repair Orders for detailed units
  • Works together with Repo Team at Mid Florida Financing to get repossessed units detailed and re-keyed if needed
  • Arranges repossessed unit transport to auctions to ensure they’re sold in a timely manner
  • Coordinating with Repo Team and locksmith to ensure all units have keys
  • Re-sticker and re-key if needed UNWINDS to get unit ready for re-inspection
  • Coordinates Lot Porters to delivery repossessions and unwinds to service for re-inspections
  • Communicates and assists inventory and store managers with business needs
  • Other

Must have a Valid Florida License. 

Hiring is contingent upon successful completion of our background and drug screening process. OKCARZ is a drug-free, tobacco-free workplace and an Equal Opportunity Employer.